Get your tickets to the upcoming Adele world tour in 2016

It’s going to be a busy year on the upcoming Adele tour 2016. She plans to head all over the world on her upcoming concerts. Fans have been patiently waiting for several years for her to hop back in her oversized bus and get back on the road again. She just released a new hit album which she has titled 25, and fans around the world are eating it up. People everywhere are more hyped up than ever to see her perform in their hometown. I’m sure you already know that getting tickets isn’t too easy. Luckily we still have plenty of them in stock.

When Will The Shows Begin?

She will start playing dates in just a few days. It’s the lucky people of Europe who will get to see her first shows as she begins in all new world tour. In just a week or so it will be February 29th, and that’s the day that the first show of this amazing singers concerts will take place. Once she is finished with her first show in Ireland on the 29th, she will be going to a lot of big cities all over Europe. It’s definitely a special treat for all the fans over in Europe to be able to catch her concerts before anyone else. The American and Canadian fans will need to wait until the European leg is over before they get their opportunity to see her live.

The second leg of the scheduled dates for Adele’s world concert tour will start in July 2016. This is when she will begin playing shows in Canada and the USA. Most of the North American concerts are going to be happening in these two locations as they are the biggest marketplace for Adele in North America. That’s not to say that no other countries are going to see her step foot on their soil, but there just won’t be as many shows in those places. You’ll want to make sure to check out her concert prior to November 15th as that is the final date of her world tour and her North American concerts.

With all the commotion that has taken place throughout the short life of this 2016 regarding her live shows, it seems like we have been waiting forever for the concerts to begin. Actually it was just a handful of months ago in December that Adele revealed she will be going back on tour. In the beginning of that month fans from Europe could get their seats, and in the middle of the month the North American fans have the opportunity to get tickets to those dates. In all locations, it was very hard to be able to get seats to her shows. In some cases there was quadruple the amount of fans trying to get a seat to an arena that only allowed one fourth of the amount of people to attend the show!

Extra Shows Already On The Schedule

Adele did her best to not leave these fans out in the cold though. When her and her management realized that so many people wanted to see her concerts in certain cities she decided to add extra dates to let as many fans as possible check out her live show. Some venues have as many as six performances scheduled back-to-back. Even with the addition of more shows the tickets still sold out in only a few minutes each. A location that can hold more than 10,000 fans saw every ticket go out the door in just a handful of minutes.

Whether you want to see the European leg or the North American leg, you still have ample opportunity to do so. The tickets to the Adele tour 2016 have only been on sale for just a few months, so you are still getting in pretty early if you make your purchase now. You’ll notice if you scroll up that we have seats for pretty much every show on the schedule so far. Some tickets are very expensive, and only VIPs could afford those, but there are also some seats for the everyday man. Go ahead and check out the date around your town and pick up some tickets for the Adele concert nearest you.